Month: August 2014

Mt. Bonnell 8/27/14

This wasn’t really a hike, but I’m adding it here anyway.  I took Biff to the top of Mt. Bonnell this morning for some views of Austin in the morning light.  It was pretty peaceful even though the temperature was creeping up steadily.  It… Continue Reading “Mt. Bonnell 8/27/14”

Greenbelt – Zilker to almost 360 8/24/14

Hike: Greenbelt – Zilker to almost 360, Austin, TX Weather: sunny, clear, hot, low-mid 90s Hikers: Ian, Court Length: 7.51 miles   Court and I repeated most of the track that I did a couple of weeks ago and hit Barton Springs again afterward. … Continue Reading “Greenbelt – Zilker to almost 360 8/24/14”

Greenbelt – Zilker to Mopac 8/9/14

August 9th, 2014 Hike: Greenbelt – Zilker to Mopac, Austin, TX Weather: mid-80s, warm, sunny Hikers: Ian Length: 8.61 miles   For my first hike back in Austin, I thought what better than the Greenbelt and afterwards a dip in Barton Springs?  I had… Continue Reading “Greenbelt – Zilker to Mopac 8/9/14”