Hamilton Greenbelt – Lakeway 1/3/16


Sunday, January 3, 2016


Hike: Hamilton Greenbelt – Lakeway, TX

Weather: chilly, clear, mid 40s

Hikers: Ian, Court, Biff

Length: 4.2 miles


For the first hike of the year, we decided to finish the Hamilton Greenbelt trail we had done most of this past summer.  This is a nice little trail hidden back in Lakeway, near Lake Travis.

The morning was chilly, probably in the upper 30s, but we quickly warmed up.  The waterfalls were pretty and flowing well.  Again, this trail starts with a wide, well-groomed, crushed granite trail, but turns into a regular dirt hiking trail twisting through the woods as you get farther in.



We finished up the last part of the loop that we had not gotten to the last time out, adding another couple of miles.  The leaves covering the trail and the colder temperatures gave the trail a completely different feel, almost what I would expect the Appalachian Trail to be like in parts.

SAM_3723 SAM_3725 SAM_3728 SAM_3726

We got to the end of the trail, nearest the lake, and headed back.  It is not a difficult trail by any means, but definitely a pretty hike and one that I don’t think many people in the Austin area are aware exists.

SAM_3733 SAM_3738 SAM_3739 SAM_3740 map elevation profile

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