Pedernales Falls State Park – Wolf Mountain 8/14/21

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Pedernales Falls State Park – Wolf Mountain Trail

Warm, partly cloudy, 80s

Ian and Biff

5.52 miles

Biff and I took a hike out to Wolf Mountain while Court stayed home with Finnigan, who sustained a toenail injury and can’t hike for a while. Poor buddy. I think Biff was happy to get out and hike without his brother for once though. I’ve blogged this hike before, so this is going to be a bit heavy on the Biff pics, just because.

We got to the park exactly at 8am when the gate opened to beat the heat and the crowds. Indeed, when we left a few hours later the park was at capacity. As with most things, if you get there before 9am you can beat most of the crowds.

We headed down Wolf Mountain trail, which is also the path to the primitive backpacking sites. The trail is a really wide jeep trail and I found that there were groups of people (mostly younger) that had packed in a lot of gear on wheeled carts that they dragged behind them for the 2 or so miles to the sites. Seems like they could have just backpacked it in, but whatever, I found it amusing.

Most of the creeks were dry, but there was a little water in Bee Creek that Biff was appreciative of.

We headed up the trail to Wolf Mountain and did the loop around the summit. It’s not a very hard hike at all, but has some nice views and some good silence, which I tried to document in the video below.

Break time

We headed back down the way we came, with Biff leading the way. We passed a lot of people heading out as we were heading in and I was glad to be done early before the heat really ramped up. Always a good hike out at Pedernales Falls.

Biff leading the way
End of hike derping in the grass

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