Lockhart State Park 5/7/16


Saturday, May 7, 2016


Hike: Lockhart State Park – various trails

Weather: warm, upper 70s, partly cloudy

Hikers: Ian, Court, Biff

Length: 2.36 miles



Courtney and I went out to Lockhart State Park on a whim on Saturday morning along with Biff.  She was moving offices so we had to go down south anyway and we wanted to do something different.  Lockhart State Park isn’t very big, but it’s a nice place.  It’s about 45 minutes south of Austin just outside the town of Lockhart.

When we got to the headquarters, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a Texas State Parks Pass.  It costs $70, but covers entrance fees to any State Park for me and anyone in my car for the year.  Well worth it.

There are only a few miles of trails in the park, so we made a loop out of several and got a quick hike in.  The trails were well marked and easy to follow.  Some elevation change, but not much.


SAM_3966 SAM_3973 SAM_3972

The creek that flows through the park, Clear Fork Plum Creek, was pretty silty due to recent rains and not very pretty, unfortunately.  The trail was supposed to cross the creek towards the end, but the creek was pretty high and basically un-fordable, so we had to road walk a bit to get back to the car.  Overall a nice hike, albeit short.

not the clearest creek after all
not the clearest creek after all
supposed to cross that?
supposed to cross that?
not happening
not happening
road walk
road walk


Court also insisted on getting pics of the restroom near the trail head, as she said it is the nicest State Park restroom she has ever seen.  Ha.

SAM_3982 SAM_3983 SAM_3985





2 Comments on “Lockhart State Park 5/7/16

  1. Awesome photo! I live in Washington state and our hikes look much different! Check out my post from today to see what the wet Pacific Northwest looks like! lovewhatswild.wordpress.com or my instagram @lovewhatswild

    • Love it up there. Haven’t been in a couple of years and need to get back.

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