Growing up in Austin, Texas, I had always been surrounded by nature.  I started car camping with my mom when I was young and we went on numerous cross-country road trips that always included hiking adventures as well.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but hiking and being outdoors has always been a part of my life.  My mom tells a story about when I was an infant and I would cry until she put me outside.  I just like being outdoors.  Austin is surrounded by the hill country and has numerous outdoor activities that I took for granted.  So when my fiancee, Courtney, and I moved to Dallas for her graduate school program, it was a bit of a shock to lose all of those comforts and be confronted with a flat, concrete jungle full of chain restaurants and strip malls.

As I sat in my windowless office with only the internet to distract me, my mind started to wander to the outdoors and all of the adventures I could share with Courtney and how they could enrich our lives.  We don’t plan on having any children, so a life of travel and outdoor adventure seems very attainable.  And that is the plan.  We’ll see how it plays out as I record it in these pages.

We have since moved back to Austin, gotten married, and have begun our backpacking and travel adventures.


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  1. I feel for you when it comes to being stuck in Dallas. I went to gradschool there too and it just about killed me (Dallas, not gradschool). Here is a tip that got me through my time there. Go to the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma as often as you can. They are absolutely amazing and you can hike and scramble there for years and never get sick of the place. They are absolutely the best thing anywhere near Dallas and far, far better than the Hill Country. Do yourself a favor and get out there! Here are some resources on the range:


    Trust me. They are awesome!

    • Thanks Bubba! The Wichita Mountains are actually on my list for this fall or spring! Thanks for the links and your blog looks great as well. I’ll definitely check it out more in depth later. PS – love Trailgroove

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