Western Oaks Trail, Dick Nichols Park 9/19/15


Saturday, September 19, 2015


Hike: Western Oaks Trail, Dick Nichols Park – Austin, TX

Weather: warm, mid 80s, humid

Hikers: Ian, Court

Length: 3.07 miles


We did a short hike in the morning to test out Court’s new pack, the Deuter ACT Zero 45 +15 SL.  I also took the opportunity to use my Exos 58 again with a few adjustments from last time.  Mine rode much better with tighter shoulder straps and a better packing job.  Court had a few kinks to work out, just like I did on my first test.  She’ll get it dialed in before Lost Maples though.  We are working on finding a good way to split the gear.  My pack will be a bit heavier at around 16 or 17 pounds as of now, with Court’s coming in at just over 12.  Food, water, and fuel will add a bit, but I’m pretty happy with our base pack weights so far.

SAM_3430 SAM_3434

This trail was ok.  It is pretty far south in Austin, off Davis Lane.  It is pretty flat and has a main trail that is crushed gravel and fairly wide.  There is a different trail that parallels the main trail that goes deeper in the woods, which we took most of the way back.  Not a whole lot to report, as it is pretty much a neighborhood trail, but it was nice to get out in the woods to test the new pack.

SAM_3437 SAM_3439 SAM_3441 map elevation profile


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