Pedernales Falls SP – Trammel Crossing Trail 5/27/19

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Pedernales Falls State Park – Trammel Crossing Trail

Partly cloudy, warm, upper 80s

Ian solo

5 miles

I finally got out to Pedernales when the river was low enough to cross over to the other side for the 5 mile loop known as Trammel Crossing. I had tried this a couple of times over the years, but never had been able to safely cross. The water this time was about knee high and was still pretty strong. I didn’t have my trekking poles, which would have been helpful, so just took it slow and steady with small steps. This will be good training for fording creeks on the PCT as well, so I’ll probably come back here later this year or early next year.

The trail on the other side was mostly double track with the wild flowers still going strong.

Also saw a military helicopter flying overhead. Fitting since it was Memorial Day.

I got to the scenic overlook, but it wasn’t all that great, and two girls were there bogarting the viewpoint anyway, so I took a quick look and turned around to head back.

I crossed back over the river and sat down on the other side to wring out my socks. My shoes dry fairly quickly, but wringing out the socks makes a huge difference after fording a river.

Pretty nice trail overall. Will be back later with trekking poles to aid in crossing the river.

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