Canyon Lake – Madrone Trail 4/27/19

Saturday, April 27th, 2019

Canyon Lake, TX – Madrone Trail

warm, sunny, mid 80s

Ian, Court, Biff, Finn

4.4 miles

Hey, we found a new trail! New to us anyway. We drove out to Canyon Lake, near New Braunfels, and did most of this loop with the pups on one of the rare sunny weekends we’ve had lately.

The trail basically meanders around one of the bigger peninsulas on the lake. Trail signage is spotty at best, so the Alltrails app came in handy, along with my ever present Gaia GPS.

The trail was single track most of the way and the terrain varied from dense woods to more scrubby, open grassland near the water.

Dense, jungle-like woods

Court mentioned that I stopped reporting the wildlife we see on hikes, so I’ll take this chance to say we saw a lot of lizards, which Finn was absolutely fascinated by. Also, at one point several vultures that were circling low enough that their shadows would project through the trees and onto the forest floor as we walked, which was a strange phenomenon.

The wildflowers put on a great show and the pups had a blast exploring and getting in the water.


We would have done the entire 7 mile loop, but the day got warmer and the dogs aren’t used to the heat yet, so we decided to cut it a little short to not push them too hard.

Water break
Thirsty Finn
Biff and Prickly Pear
Trail snacks

After the hike we got some pizza and beer at a great spot near Wimberley. The next day we would come back out to the same area to a couple of wineries and then hit up The Salt Lick for bbq. We may not have mountains and glaciers in Texas, but we make up for it in other ways.

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