Commons Ford Ranch 12/5/21

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Commons Ford Ranch – Waterfall Trail

Overcast, warm, pleasant

Ian, Court, Biff, Finn

2.7 miles

One of Court’s favorite hikes in Austin is Commons Ford Ranch. There are a wide variety of eco-systems, varying terrain, and in the fall, lots of color. It’s an easy hike and not crowded, so thumbs up all around.

The winter doesn’t usually hit in Texas for real until January or February, so we took advantage of a warm December day to get out and hike with the pups. The leaves in Austin have just started to change and they only last a week or so usually.

We went on a dry spell with rain for a while, but had a little in the past couple of weeks, so the waterfall was flowing ok. Always pretty.

As we headed down off the ridge toward the Colorado River (Lake Austin), the colors really started to show out.

We added on an additional loop to this hike that we didn’t get to last time and it was really beautiful. I love the contrast of the colored leaves on the forest floor.

End of trail pic!

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