Point Lobos State Natural Reserve – Carmel, CA 10/27/19

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Ian and Court

On the way out to Yosemite for Cat and Greg’s wedding, we spent a few nights in Carmel. We had gone to Monterey three years earlier before our Sequoia trip, but didn’t get to spend much time in Carmel, so we figured we would make that our home base this time.

We made the short drive down to Point Lobos early one morning to avoid the crowds that we had seen the day before in the afternoon. Mornings are always better anyway and we have learned over the years that you don’t have to get up that early to beat the crowds anywhere. Usually if you show up by 8am you have the whole place to yourself, wherever you are.

We took a short path through the scrubby dunes out to the cliffs overlooking the Pacific.

The water was rough this morning! I got some good shots of the waves crashing into the rocks and sending spray skyward. The video below was originally in slow motion and way cooler, but I couldn’t make it happen here for some reason.

We also got a curious Harbor seal, whom we named Gerald, poking his head out of the water to check us out.

We explored around the shore for a little longer before heading on to the 17 mile drive and the Monterey aquarium, which we also did the last time we were here, so I won’t document that again.


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