Reimer’s Ranch – Mtn Bike Trail partial 5/19/19

Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Reimer’s Ranch – Mountain Bike Trail – partial

HUMID, hot, upper 80s

Ian, Court, Biff, Finn

Only about a mile

This will be a fairly short entry, but had to get it in. We headed out to Reimer’s Ranch for a hike and to test out some new clothing that I am planning on using for the PCT, specifically the Southern California section in the desert. We decided to try out the mountain bike trails, which we had not done out here yet.

The wildflowers are still out in force and the trail was nice to start out. This ended up being the most humid day of the year so far and it was scorching, with heat index in the upper 90s at least. It was already uncomfortable and we had to make sure the dogs stayed hydrated too. It’s officially time to start sunrise hiking in Texas. Basically if you don’t hit the trail by 7 or 8 am in the summer it gets way too hot, especially if you have dogs.

The big surprise of this hike came only a half mile in on the trail. I was in the lead with Court and Finn following behind. Biff was in the lead and pretty much stumbled right onto a rattlesnake. He did NOT rattle, which was annoying, but luckily also didn’t bite. I saw him at the last second coiled almost in the middle of the trail, right before Biff was about to step on him, and I was able to yank back on the leash and get Biff out of harm’s way.

This is the first rattler we’ve seen in Central Texas in dozens of hikes. We saw a couple when we lived up in Dallas where the snakes seem much more numerous. After this encounter we just felt the trail had some bad juju and decided to end the day early. We tried to take the dogs down to the river to cool off, but that was way too muddy and so we just packed up into the cool AC of Donquita and headed back to town.

Not every hike is perfect or super enjoyable and sometimes you just have to know when to bail. Got the adrenaline pumping and glad the pups weren’t hurt.

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