Lake Georgetown – Tejas Camp to Russell Park 7/4/22

Monday, July 4, 2022

Lake Georgetown – Tejas Camp to Russell Park

HOT, partly cloudy, low 90s

Ian solo

11.7 miles

I completed the only section of the Lake Georgetown trail that I have yet to hike on this July 4th. I started off at Tejas Camp on the far west side of the lake at about 8am and followed the north shore about 6 miles to Russell Park.

I knew this section would probably be pretty exposed, so I brought along my new sun hoodie that I got for use in sunny hiking conditions because I really dislike putting on sunblock. My wife is a dermatologist, so I am VERY conscious of it.

The first half of the hike was very pretty with cool temperatures and some good cloud cover.

There was a hiker who started off right before me and I figured I would eventually pass him up, but he was trucking. I was averaging 3 mph, which is faster than normal for me, but I never did catch him until I got to the campground at Russell Park. I asked him how far he was going and he replied that he was going for the full loop. He looked like he wasn’t really prepared for a 26 mile hike, but far be it for me to judge, so I told him to make sure he had enough water and good luck.

Speaking of water, I had gone through half of mine (one liter) and walked down into the campsites to find a spigot to refill. I found an open shelter with one and hung out on the picnic table for a bit, airing out my feet and eating some snacks to refuel.

The day was starting to heat up so I headed back the direction I came. Most of this section of the trail is pretty flat and exposed, but there is a short section that is more like the south side of the lake, which is rocky and sharp, aka karst topography. One needs to watch their footing in order to not take a fall and get sliced open by this unforgiving terrain.


Around 11am the sun really started to bake. I was trying to pace myself, but I haven’t done this much mileage in a while and actually had to take a seat in the shade at one point to cool down. Texas summers aren’t anything to mess with. Quick video below too.

I made it back to the car and blasted the AC. I got a couple of blisters on my left heel, which is a consistent problem area. I guess on a long trail I would just tape it and move on until it turned into a callous. For now, I am letting it heal and will be back on the trail next weekend.

I’m ramping up my training and am hoping to make another run at the PCT in 2023. More details later. Let’s ride.

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