Sicily – Zingaro Nature Reserve 6/14/22

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Courtney, her parents, and I met up with her cousins and uncle in Sicily on the back end of our 2022 Italy trip. The youngins (I’m including myself in that) did a short hike to a hidden beach in Zingaro Nature Reserve near the small town of Scopello on the northwest corner of Sicily.

The trek wasn’t long, but the views were beautiful. Zingaro was the first officially protected nature reserve in Sicily, but it was only created in 1980. You enter through a tunnel, or a “gallery”, as the sign below calls it.

There were a ton of other trails in this reserve, but they were pretty intense and we were only dressed for a short trip to the beach, so those would have to wait for another life. The path was pretty easy and we soon got to the crowded beach and staked out a spot to stash our stuff while we floated in the Mediterranean.

Our destination
Very refreshing

After an hour or so of swimming we packed up and headed back up the dusty trail. Sicily is beautiful and I’m glad we got a short hike in while we were there.

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