Amicalola Falls and AT Approach Trail – Amicalola, GA 10/23/22

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Amicalola Falls and AT Approach Trail

Cool, upper 60s, sunny

Ian, Court, Greg, Cat, Ike, MB

.5 miles or so

I loved this hike. The Appalachian Trail Southern Terminus is technically at Springer Mountain, which we hiked to a few years ago. The Approach Trail is where most AT Northbound hikers start though. This is 8.5 miles from Springer Mountain and the stone arch marks the beginning of a 2190 mile trek for these intrepid souls.

stone marker

Instead of hiking up from the arch, we decided to drive up to the top of the falls and hike down the 600 or so steps back to the bottom. MB was nice enough to shuttle us to the top and pick us back up at the bottom, since this is a park she comes to often with the kids. Nobo hikers go up the stairs to start their hike and it’s quite the baptism by fire with a heavy pack, I’m sure. The view from the top of the falls is lovely, especially with the fall colors of northern Georgia.

View from the top of the falls
heading down the steps
a long way down
midway down the falls
looking back up from the base of the falls

I was very glad to have seen the arch and the approach trail. Yet another long trail landmark checked off my list.

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