Yellowstone NP – Brink of the Lower Falls and Ribbon Lake 6/6/19

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Yellowstone NP – Brink of the Lower Falls and Ribbon Lake hike

Ian, Court, and Doc

About 4.5 miles total

Another early wake up call had us at the Brink of the Lower Falls trail head with only one other car in the lot. It was chilly, but beautiful. Also, 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Fitting that I was at Yellowstone, which those men fought to make sure we will always have.

The hike is short, but very steep, with many switchbacks. Being right at the brink of the falls is quite thrilling.

Brink o’ the Falls

We then headed back to Artist Point to get some better shots of the Lower Falls in the morning light before hiking out to Ribbon Lake.

Artist Point with morning light

The best part of the hike to Ribbon Lake is actually at the beginning as the trail follows the canyon and gives some more amazing views.

Once you turn into the forest it gets very marshy and there is even some volcanic activity on the trail, with springs bubbling up in the puddles and bacteria starting to grow.

Bacteria mats forming in springs along the trail

Ribbon Lake was not that impressive, but the hike was nice. We headed back, got Suz from the lodge, and drove on to Norris Geyser Basin and then Old Faithful, where we would stay the next two nights.

Satellite map

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