Swallow Falls State Park, Maryland 10/08/20

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Swallow Falls State Park near Oakland, MD

Sunny, clear, cool, mid 50s

Ian, Court, Doc, Biff, Finn

1.9 miles

We woke up early and drove about 20 minutes from the Deep Creek house over to Swallow Falls State Park. The main attraction here are the waterfalls and they delivered, especially with the leaves starting to really turn now. I’ll include some photos of the surrounding area as well. Us Texans don’t get leaves changing like this, so it’s a big deal.

I tried to not filter these photos much. The colors were so vibrant. Prepare for the autumn picture onslaught! (FYI, the photo captions show up correctly on the mobile version. Not sure why they suck on the regular site.)

Mist in the valley on the drive to the park

We were one of only 3 cars in the parking lot and hit the short trail to the first set of falls.

Rock Island

The biggest and best was Muddy Creek Falls. Near those falls was a marker commemorating a camping trip taken by Ford, Edison, Firestone, and Burroughs back in the 20s. I had just read about their camping antics in a book on the history of camping, so it was interesting to tramp the same grounds.

Muddy Creek Falls
Admiring the falls with the pups
Exploring the beauty
Another view

We finished the short loop and headed back home, catching a few more color explosions on the way. Western Maryland, you do autumn well.

Good colors on the way back
End of trail pic

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