Violet Crown Trail (Barton Creek Greenbelt) 1/21/17


Saturday, January 21, 2017


Violet Crown Trail (Barton Creek Greenbelt)

Cool, Overcast, 60s

Ian, Court, and Biff

5.7 miles


We hadn’t been hiking in almost 2 months so by god it was time to go.  A combination of holiday travel, just being busy, and crappy weather on the weekends had kept us from the trails, but no more!

We headed out early on Saturday morning to get to the trail head before 8am when they start charging for parking.  Since it was a pretty gray and foggy morning, there were few other cars in the lot at Barton Springs Pool.  We headed down the familiar trail.

sam_4055 sam_4056

We’ve had a wet January so the water is way up right now and made crossing the creek unwise.  Biff had a blast and it was good to be out on the trail after so long. We stayed on the main trail for about an hour and a half before turning back, as we were going to march at the Capitol at noon.  I’ll include a couple of those pics at the end too.


sam_4059 sam_4063 sam_4064 sam_4065 sam_4069 sam_4070 sam_4073 sam_4074 sam_4076 map


Women’s Rights March at the Capitol

sam_4081 sam_4084 sam_4086

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