Grand Teton National Park 6/2-6/3/19

June 2-3, 2019

Grand Teton National Park

After hiking to Hidden Falls and Lower Inspiration Point we packed in the car, turned on the Gypsy App, and continued on to the various amazing points of interest around the park. The Gypsy app is the same thing we used in Canada a couple of years ago. It is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the various National Parks it covers. We have affectionately named the guide on the app Albert, after Alberta, where we first used it.

Panoramic shot

We took a side road up to Signal Mountain and got some amazing views of Jackson Hole. The entire valley was laid out before us and we saw a few elk grazing below. This may have been one of the best views in the park.


We went to grab a small lunch and drinks at the Jackson Lake Lodge. After enjoying the views and more elk from the patio, we went up Lunch Tree Hill where Horace Albright brought the Rockefellers back in the 20s to share his “Dream” of protecting the entire Jackson Hole Valley. This was one of my favorite spots of the entire trip. The views of the Tetons never get old.

We made a quick stop at Colter Bay and then continued the loop south back toward Teton Village and Jackson, seeing our first Bison of the trip.

We stopped at the spot where Ansel Adams took his famous picture of the Tetons. The trees have really grown since then.

Also got the ubiquitous shot with the Mormon barns and a couple of beautiful creek shots. Again, these views never get old.

My birthday was the next day and Doc and I got up early and took the tram up to the top of Rendezvous Mountain in Teton Village to go paragliding. It was an amazing experience. I went skydiving when I was 18 and this was kind of similar, though not as intense of course. It was a beautiful morning with clear skies and the views from up in the air were fantastic.

Suz and Court met us at the landing zone and we went and grabbed a quick breakfast before heading to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve, which had another great visitor center.

Photo mural

We were going to do a quick hike, but decided to save it for another time. That afternoon we headed back to the top of Rendezvous Mountain to try the famous waffles at the hut at the top and maybe get a short hike in, but the weather was coming in and it was COLD up there, so we made do with some hot chocolate and came back down. We spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub with some wine. Not a bad view for my birthday.

Top of Rendezvous Mountain
Ski hut
Hot tub view

We would get up the next morning and head to Yellowstone!

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