Lake Georgetown – Jim Hogg Park Trailhead 8/6/22

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Lake Georgetown – Jim Hogg Park Trailhead

warm, mostly cloudy, a little humid

Ian, Biff, and Finn

5.0 miles

With this hike, I have officially “section hiked” the full 26 mile loop around Lake Georgetown. Only took me like 5 years. I brought the dogs out early to avoid the heat. This was actually a fun and challenging part of the trail. It was very rocky and I had to watch my footing for the majority of the trail, but the terrain and scenery was varied and enjoyable.

There were plenty of deer out in the morning mist and Finn was super excited to see their white tails bounding away as we got closer.

This hike was roughly Mile 21-23 in the numerical mileage for the 26 mile trail. We reached the lake and while it is low, there’s still a good amount of water, considering we haven’t had rain in over a month in central Texas. That’s getting old. Got some good vulture shots though.

Lake view
Vultures riding the thermals

We headed back the way we came and there was a spot on the trail where the dogs started sniffing like crazy and then I saw a pool of blood on the trail and some off in the grass beyond. I’m guessing a coyote had gotten to something, or perhaps a bobcat.

We ended up at exactly 5.0 miles when we got back to the car. I’m glad to have hiked every part of this loop now and plan to again use the loop as training for my future adventure to come next spring.

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