Greenbelt – Zilker to almost 360 8/24/14

Hike: Greenbelt – Zilker to almost 360, Austin, TX

Weather: sunny, clear, hot, low-mid 90s

Hikers: Ian, Court

Length: 7.51 miles


Court and I repeated most of the track that I did a couple of weeks ago and hit Barton Springs again afterward.  It was a lot hotter today than when I did this hike solo and there were a ton of bikers.

SAM_2008 SAM_2013

We got out on trail again around 8am and Court started us off at a brisk pace.  The temperature rose pretty quickly and the humidity made it a bit rough at times.  But that just made the springs at the end that much better.  It took a few minutes for Court to work up the courage to jump in the water, but she finally got in.  Barton Springs is an amazing way to end a hike.  I think I’m going to take a break from the Greenbelt for a few weeks and check out some other area hikes.  I’m going to try and do the full length of the Greenbelt at some point this fall, once the temperature goes down a bit.


cheesy kiss pic
cheesy kiss pic
Court liked this shrub
Court liked this shrub


trail snacks
trail snacks
Ian in Barton Springs cooling off
Ian in Barton Springs cooling off

We hit Doc’s afterward for lunch and it was a pretty amazing day.  Yay Austin.


SAM_2028 Map Elevation Profile

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