Greenbelt – Zilker to Mopac 8/9/14

August 9th, 2014

Hike: Greenbelt – Zilker to Mopac, Austin, TX

Weather: mid-80s, warm, sunny

Hikers: Ian

Length: 8.61 miles


For my first hike back in Austin, I thought what better than the Greenbelt and afterwards a dip in Barton Springs?  I had originally only planned to go about 4 or 5 miles, but I first reached Gus Fruh and decided to go to Mopac and 360.  Then when I reached 360 and wanted to keep going.  I finally forced myself to turn around shortly after because I wasn’t prepared, or in good enough hiking shape, to go much further.  I do want to do the full length of the entire Greenbelt (14 miles or so) at some point in the future.


a little water in the creek
a little water in the creek


Court went to Dallas for one of her classmate’s birthdays, so it was just me.  I hit the trail around 8am and finished up in a little more than 3 hours.  There were quite a few bikers, but relatively few hikers for a Saturday in August.  The creek is almost totally dry again.  The trail was mostly shaded and the heat wasn’t too bad that early in the morning.  I saw a few new parts of the trail that I hadn’t seen before, including walking underneath 360.

dry creek was more the norm
dry creek was more the norm

SAM_1980 SAM_1981

With the crowded trail there was no real wildlife, though I did see one rabbit as he hopped off the trail.  At one point on the way back, I saw a bench that was dedicated to a woman who had died in 2008 and the weird part was when I looked up in the trees near the bench.  There was a neon green life-sized mannequin with no features other than nipples.  Instead of a face on the tiny head there were letters that spelled ‘hi’.  Oh Austin, I missed you.


plaque on bench
plaque on bench
crazy mannequin.  because Austin.
crazy mannequin. because Austin.

There was some interesting graffiti underneath the 360 bridge and also a couple of stone benches on the edge of the creek that looked like maybe they were supposed to be part of a dock or something, but were never completed.  Maybe just benches.  Not sure.

SAM_1985 SAM_1986 SAM_1988


Barton Springs afterward felt amazing.  I think that needs to be a new post-Greenbelt hike ritual.  Glad to be back in Austin.

marker is turnaround point
marker is turnaround point.  started at barton springs pool.

elevation profile

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