Turkey Creek Trail 12/1/13

December 1, 2013

Hike: Turkey Creek Trail, Austin, TX

Weather: mild, overcast, low 70s

Hikers: Ian, Court, Biff, CV

Length: about 2.5 miles

The trail was very wet and muddy and very heavily traveled today.  Turkey Creek Trail is located in Emma Long Metropolitan Park, off City Park Road.   It is extremely dog friendly and most people had their dogs off leash.  The water was still flowing very well from the previous month’s rains and we crossed the creek multiple times, to CV’s chagrin.  There is no real explanation as to why CV hates water so much, but I don’t think I’ve seen another dog match his disdain.  We eventually had to turn back before we could finish the loop because CV was so miserable.  He doesn’t mind the trail, but crossing the water is where he draws the line.  I even had to carry him across one of the crossings.

Trail Head
Trail Head
Heading down the trail
Heading down the trail
One of several water crossings.  Most were deeper than this.
One of several water crossings. Most were deeper than this.

SAM_1318 SAM_1319

I also forgot to turn the trail app on until about halfway through, so we only got a partial record of the trail.  The hike was very pretty even though the trees were missing a lot of their summer foliage.  We gained quite a bit of elevation at one point, going up the cliff away from the creek, but decided to turn back down to keep CV from having to climb too much.

Biff loved the water and got in deeper than he has in a long time.  I think we crossed the creek at least 7 or 8 times total.  We plan to come back in a couple of weeks without CV (I don’t think he would complain about staying home) to finish the trail properly.  We will probably get to the trail head a little earlier too and beat some of the crowds.

Berries along the trail
Winter berries along the trail


Home stretch
Home stretch

map elevation profile

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