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Shoal Creek Trail 5/9/15

  Saturday, May 9th, 2015   Hike: Shoal Creek Trail, Austin, TX Weather: HUMID, upper 80s, cloudy Hikers: Ian Length: 4.2 miles   I had a little bit of time in the early afternoon before a friend’s wedding so I decided to get out… Continue Reading “Shoal Creek Trail 5/9/15”

Town Lake Urban Hike 4/8/15

  Wednesday, April 8th, 2015   Hike: Town Lake, Austin, TX Weather: overcast, low 80s, humid Hikers: Ian, Court, Biff Length: 4.92 miles   We started out intending to head out to McKinney Roughs Nature Park, but Biff isn’t allowed out there as a… Continue Reading “Town Lake Urban Hike 4/8/15”

Barton Creek Upper 11/30/14

November 30th, 2014 Hike: Barton Creek Upper, Austin, TX Weather: mid 70s, mostly cloudy, pleasant Hikers: Ian, Court, Josh, Pete, Zoe Length: 6.49 miles   Court and I met up with our buddy Josh at his house for the hike today.  He can access… Continue Reading “Barton Creek Upper 11/30/14”

Barton Creek Upper 12/26/13

December 26, 2013 Hike: Barton Creek Upper, Austin, TX Weather: Cold, upper 30s, overcast Hikers: Ian, Court, PJ, Jack, Biff Length: 5.95 miles We met PJ and Jack at the trail head around 8:30am on the morning after Christmas.  It was cold!  There weren’t… Continue Reading “Barton Creek Upper 12/26/13”

Turkey Creek Trail 12/1/13

December 1, 2013 Hike: Turkey Creek Trail, Austin, TX Weather: mild, overcast, low 70s Hikers: Ian, Court, Biff, CV Length: about 2.5 miles The trail was very wet and muddy and very heavily traveled today.  Turkey Creek Trail is located in Emma Long Metropolitan… Continue Reading “Turkey Creek Trail 12/1/13”

McKinney Falls State Park 6/29/13

June 29th, 2013 Hike:  McKinney Falls State Park, Austin, TX Weather: sunny, hot, low-mid 90s Hikers: Ian, Court, Greg, Biff, CV, Sam We woke up early to beat the heat and got out to the park at 8am.  Met up with Greg and started… Continue Reading “McKinney Falls State Park 6/29/13”