Please Help Wildlife Rehabilitation NW Tucson Rebuild After a Devastating Fire

Tragic. Please help if you can.

Sirena's Wanderings

I am absolutely heartbroken. I hiked out of the Grand Canyon last week to find out that Wildlife Rehabilitation Northwest Tucson had a fire while I was away. Other volunteers have put together a fundraising effort to help rebuild the facility. Please donate and share this campaign at–2.

IMG_0005 Aftermath of the fire outside – photo by Chris Bondante

IMG_0007 The bird room after the fire – Photo by Chris Bondante

Our bird room and adjacent outdoor habitats were completely destroyed, along with food, equipment, and other items. The good news is that 86-year old owner Janet Miller is OK and most animals survived and are receiving continued care. Some of the birds lost had been educational animals for over a decade, they will all be missed.

Elfie and Cleo Both of our educational Elf Owls perished in the fire. Elfie and Cleo brought joy and wonder to all who met them.


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