St. Edwards Park 12/12/15


Saturday, December 12, 2015


Hike: St. Edwards Park, Austin, TX

Weather: overcast, drizzly, low 70s

Hikers: Ian, Josh

Length: 6.18 miles


I met up with my buddy Josh for a quick hike in St. Edwards Park to break in my new La Sportiva Ultra Raptor hiking shoes.  We met up in the parking lot with rain threatening in the morning, but it never got to be more than a drizzle.  Josh also brought his two dogs, Zoe and Pete.  It was actually very warm for a December day and made for a pleasant hike.


SAM_3661 SAM_3664

The water is still flowing nicely from the rains so far this fall.  This hike is very different in the fall when the leaves are turning.  It is not as pretty as spring or summer, but still a nice hike.  My shoes held up well, but they definitely have a different foot feel than my Merrell Moab Ventilators.  Not sure if it’s better or worse yet.  I will need a couple of more hikes to really make a decision.

SAM_3666 SAM_3668

I thought I had done all the trails in this park, but we ended up on a higher trail overlooking Bull Creek at one point that I had never been on.  It was a good view of the park.

Zoe and Pete
Zoe and Pete
overlooking Bull Creek
overlooking Bull Creek
Rope swing.  Maybe on a summer day.
Rope swing. Maybe on a summer day.


I am hoping the weather cooperates a little better this winter so I can get some more hikes in.  Thinking about planning a camping trip sometime in February also, when the weather is particularly hard to judge, but if it is cold, I think we can still manage.  More hikes to come!

SAM_3679 map elevation profile

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