River Place Nature Trail 12/5/15


Saturday, December 5, 2015


Hike: River Place Nature Trail (Panther Hollow/Canyon/Little Fern), Austin, TX

Weather: clear, cool, mid 50s

Hikers: Ian, Court

Length: 5.13 miles


Our second hike on this trail was as good as the first, albeit under very different weather conditions.  The last time we were here it was hot and the mosquitoes were insane.  Today was downright pleasant, if a little cold at first.  However, the trail was much more crowded this time as well.

SAM_3638 SAM_3643 SAM_3642 SAM_3640

We got to the trail head around 9:30am and set off at a pretty quick pace.  The water is running well and the morning light reflecting off the creek made for some pretty pictures.  It was a bit muddy in places, but nothing too out of control.  This is still the best trail in Austin, with almost 500 feet of difference in elevation, which is quite a bit for most trails in this area.

trail cut through the rock
trail cut through the rock

SAM_3647 SAM_3648

After getting to the end of the Panther Trail, we road walked for a bit and then hit the Little Fern Trail Head and dove back into the trail system.  It made for a nice loop without any backtracking.


fall colors
fall colors

SAM_3654 SAM_3656

Again, this trail is exquisitely maintained.  I think the word is getting out, as we probably saw at least 30 other hikers.  On a separate note, I just bought a pair of La Sportiva Ultra Raptors to replace my Merrell Moab Ventilators, which I should be breaking in on our next hike.  I love my Merrell’s, but they don’t breathe nearly well enough.  Hopefully the La Sportiva’s treat me as well as the Merrell’s have over the past 400 or so miles.

SAM_3658 map elevation profile

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