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Tuolumne meadows – pct 11/1/19

November 1, 2019 Tuolumne Meadows – Pacific Crest Trail Yosemite National Park 1.5 miles Not sure why I didn’t include this in my original Yosemite postings from last fall, but hey, better late than never. Court and I were in Yosemite for Greg and… Continue Reading “Tuolumne meadows – pct 11/1/19”

Tuolumne Grove – Yosemite NP 11/2/19

Saturday, November 2, 2019 Tuolumne Grove – Yosemite NP Ian and Court 3 miles For a quick hike before Greg and Cat’s wedding, we headed down to Tuolumne Grove to see some sequoias. Court and I first experienced the majesty that these trees convey… Continue Reading “Tuolumne Grove – Yosemite NP 11/2/19”

Mist Trail – Vernal and Nevada Falls – Yosemite NP 10/31/19

Thursday, October 31, 2019 Mist Trail – Vernal and Nevada Falls – Yosemite NP Ian, Court, Kelly, Ryan 10 miles This hike is the beginning of what would have been our hike to Half Dome, but as I mentioned in the last post, we… Continue Reading “Mist Trail – Vernal and Nevada Falls – Yosemite NP 10/31/19”

Mt Hoffmann – Yosemite NP 10/30/19

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 Mt. Hoffmann – Yosemite NP – trail to May Lake and unofficial trail to summit Ian, Court, Greg, Todd, Kelly, and Ryan 6.3 miles Well, today was supposed to be the day we were going to climb Half Dome with… Continue Reading “Mt Hoffmann – Yosemite NP 10/30/19”