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McKinney Roughs – 4/12/21

Monday, April 12, 2021 McKinney Roughs Warm, mostly cloudy, low 80s Ian, Court, Biff, Finn 4.7 miles McKinney Roughs is one of the last relatively unknown hiking gems in the Austin area. It is part of the LCRA system and there is a $5… Continue Reading “McKinney Roughs – 4/12/21”

McKinney Roughs 3/10/19

March 10, 2019 Ian, Court, Biff, Finn Overcast and cool 5.4 miles One of our favorite hikes near Austin is at McKinney Roughs Nature Preserve. It is run by the LCRA and has gotten a lot more maintenance lately because they opened a zip… Continue Reading “McKinney Roughs 3/10/19”

McKinney Roughs – 2/11/17

  Saturday, February 11, 2017   McKinney Roughs Nature Park near Wyldwood, TX Clear, cool, mid 70s Ian, Court, Biff, Cray 3.9 miles   We are keeping the in-law’s lab, Cray, for a couple of weeks while they are in Patagonia (jealous) and we… Continue Reading “McKinney Roughs – 2/11/17”

McKinney Roughs 8/29/15

  Saturday, August 29, 2015   Hike: McKinney Roughs Nature Park, Wyldwood, TX Weather: clear, sunny, warm Hikers: Ian, Court, Biff Length: 5.45 miles   I finally got my backpacking backpack (Osprey Exos 58) and today was the first test run.  I loaded it… Continue Reading “McKinney Roughs 8/29/15”

McKinney Roughs 6/12/15

  Friday, June 12th, 2015   Hike: McKinney Roughs Nature Park, Wyldwood, TX Weather: partly cloudy, humid, low 90s Hikers: Ian, Court Length: 5.47 miles   We’ve been wanting to hike this park for a long time, but with the heavy rains in May… Continue Reading “McKinney Roughs 6/12/15”