Steiner ranch nature trail system 6/13/20

Saturday, June 13, 2020

We were actually supposed to be camping up at Possum Kingdom with our friends Ryan and Kelly this weekend, but they ended up having to come to Austin instead, so we got a quick morning hike in with them out at Steiner Ranch. With the pandemic still in full force (and growing now, good work Texas), Steiner is a decent place to keep away from crowds and still get some good hiking in. Reservations for the state parks are impossible to get and are required for dayhiking also. The greenbelt in Austin is just packed, so we are avoiding that for a while too.

I’ve blogged parts of this trail system multiple times, so this isn’t anything really new, but the May rains are still running off and the water is flowing fairly well in the ravines and kloofs (look it up). The pups made a new friend in Darcy, Ryan and Kelly’s giant schnauzer.

The crew

We got out to the trail early enough that the heat wasn’t bad yet and there was a lot of shade, so the pups did fine. We also managed to get a little lost, like we do about half of the time we come out to these trails, so had to road walk the end back to the car, but good times were had by all.

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