Steiner Ranch Trail System – Bear Creek Trail 5/6/18


Sunday, May 6, 2018


Steiner Ranch Trail System – Bear Creek Trail

Sunny and humid, but nice

Ian, Court, Biff, Finn

1.6 miles


We once again headed out to Steiner Ranch to do a quick hike with the pups.  We ended up doing part of the trail that we never had done before and it was really nice.  Felt very Oregon-y at points.  Very forested and a nice creek running through.

Bear Creek was the name of this short trail and we followed it down into the woods and then back up to the neighborhood.  Small loop, but nice when you are short on time.  Court’s parents should have their house out in Steiner in the next year, so I’m sure we’ll eventually become connoisseurs of this whole system.

All in all, a nice spring hike in Texas.  The heat is about to officially hit though, meaning morning hikes only for a few months.  We have a quick trip to Seattle and Mount Rainier this summer and also a big international trip this fall though!

Map Link:

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