Commons Ford Ranch 1/15/18


Monday, January 15, 2018


Hike: Commons Ford Ranch

Weather: partly cloudy, pleasant, mid 60s

Hikers: Ian, Court, Biff, Finn

Length: 2.1 miles


New trail today!  We went out to Commons Ford Park, which apparently used to be a ranch, and did a short hike up to the waterfall.  Today is MLK day and we both had the day off work, so we took the opportunity to get the first hike of the year in.  The weather was amazing.  It felt like spring, but there is a winter storm blowing in tonight, so even better that we got to enjoy the day.

This was a nice little trail along a creek that feeds into the Colorado River.  The trail is your typical Texas Hill Country trail: rocky and surrounded by cedars.  Just a half mile in or so, we came to the waterfall, which is the main highlight of this trail, but it wasn’t flowing very much.  Still pretty though.

After passing the waterfall, we climbed up and along a ridge.

Climbing up to the ridge


Someone had set up a lean-to just off the trail, but it didn’t look like it had been used in a while, if ever.

We came down off the ridge and found a restored prairie that led down to the river.


There was a boathouse and dock at the water’s edge which we scouted out and then headed back up the creek towards the car.

On the way we saw the foundation of an old house that I’d like to think was from the old ranch as well.

Court especially liked this trail and I hope to hike it again when the water is flowing better.

One Comment on “Commons Ford Ranch 1/15/18

  1. Awesome hike and great photos! This time of year is great to get out and hike because there are so few people on the trails you can really enjoy them.

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