St. Edward’s Park 10/01/16


Saturday, October 1, 2016


Hike: St. Edward’s Park – Austin, TX

Weather: cool, overcast, upper 60s

Hikers: Ian, Matt Tray, several others from Meet Up

Length: 2.8 miles


My buddy Matt Tray sent out a facebook invite to go hike on Saturday morning and I realized I haven’t done a local hike in over 2 months, so I gladly took him up on the offer.  It turns out he had organized it through Meet Up and there were probably about 10 of us total on the hike.

I had signed up on Meet Up about a year ago, but never had actually gone on any of the hikes I was presented with, so I eventually turned off all the notifications.  Thank you Matt for putting out the invite.

Parking lot meet up
Parking lot meet up

I have done this trail several times before, in all different seasons, and every time is a new experience.  It was a bit overgrown this time, but the weather was good and it was fun to experience the trail with several people who have never done it before.  The skies were somewhat overcast with the sun peeking through every once in a while, which made for some pretty scenes.


Matt led us down to the water and then over to the road where we could start climbing up to the bluffs for some views.  Along the way we kept seeing these little orange and white contraptions hanging in the trees.  I learned that they were orienteering markers for a class that was coming out later that day.  I should probably take a class like that, as my compass skills are, well, nonexistent I guess.  I get the concept and have the basics, but have never put it into practice.

Short road walk to get to the bluffs trail
Short road walk to get to the bluffs trail
Waterfall from afar
Waterfall from afar


View from up top
View from up top
Waterfall close up
Waterfall close up

After walking up on the bluffs we headed back down to the creek and back the way we came.  It was good to get out on an early morning hike at the beginning of one of my favorite times of year.  Shoulder season is actually prime hiking season in Texas, in my opinion, because the temperatures are actually tolerable compared to the summer.

This was a good group and I told Matt to keep me updated when and if he does this again.  And Matt, you are welcome to come hike with me anytime as well.


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