Onion Creek Trail – McKinney Falls State Park 7/4/15


Saturday, July 4, 2015


Hike: Onion Creek Trail – McKinney Falls St Park, Austin, TX

Weather: warm, humid, low 90s, mostly sunny

Hikers: Ian, Court, Biff

Length: 3.96 miles


For the Fourth of July we got out to McKinney Falls around 8:30am, and not a moment too soon because it got packed today.  The falls were flowing pretty well, but unfortunately there had been some people from the night before who had really trashed the place out.  At one point there was literally just a pile of garbage next to a picnic table.  Couldn’t even be bothered to put it in a trash bag.  Just giant pile of trash.  Ridiculous.  Aside from that, the falls were very pretty, both upper and lower.

lower falls
lower falls
upper falls
upper falls – edit: just noticed the kid punching his brother on top of the falls.  what?


The actual Onion Creek Trail is just ok.  It is paved the whole way, but does wind through the woods for a good way and has its moments.  There is another trail on the other side of the river that is more of a hiking trail, but the water is too high to get to it right now.  So there weren’t too many pictures today, but it was still a decent little hike.  We did see a huge Texas Redheaded Centipede by the water.  It had been cut almost in half by something, but was still barely alive.  It was probably about 8 inches long.  Pretty crazy looking.


holy crap, Texas Redheaded Centipede
holy crap, Texas Redheaded Centipede

SAM_3230 SAM_3232 SAM_3233 map elevation profile

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