St. Edward’s Park 4/29/15


Wednesday, April 29th, 2015


Hike: St. Edward’s Park, Austin, TX

Weather: warm, partly cloudy, mid 80s

Hikers: Ian

Length: 3.14 miles


My plan today was actually to go out to Wild Basin near Westlake, but I realized that 360 at 9am on a weekday is a nightmare.  I was meeting Court for lunch up north, so I decided to get back out to St. Edward’s Park and do another part of the trail that we didn’t cover last time.SAM_2925 SAM_2926 SAM_2927

I saw that there was part of the trail that crossed back over Old Spicewood Springs road and wanted to check that out.  It was a bit hard to find on the other side of the road and it was short, but interesting.   A lot of it was a bit overgrown and it didn’t look like many hikers went this way.  There was an old abandoned house along the trail at one point and the way the sun was striking it made it look like there was a light on inside.  Kinda creepy.


hidden trail
hidden trail

SAM_2929 SAM_2930

overgrown, but it's there
overgrown, but it’s there
other end of the trail
other end of the trail

I headed back the way I came and went back to the main part of the park.  The water is still flowing really well, due to the wet spring we’ve had.  I found a place to get right next to the waterfall over the dam and got a short video.  It was very peaceful.


couldn’t decide on just one pic, so I included them all

SAM_2937 SAM_2941

couldn't decide on just one pic, so I used them all

I headed back down the trail and cut through the middle prairie section.  At one point I looked down and saw wild raspberries growing.  I’ve never seen them in Texas.  I ate a couple and they were amazing.  I also found an old rope swing off a tree at the north end of the park.  Once again, great little gem of a park near town.  I was driving by the greenbelt on Mopac on Sunday and the parking lot was packed.  In contrast, there were only about 3 other cars when I got to St. Edward’s Park on Wednesday morning.

SAM_2944 SAM_2947 SAM_2948

rope swing
rope swing
waypoint is where the raspberries were

elevation profile

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